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Sound Cards
High-quality audio with the performance increase of the PCI bus. aim sound cards provides CD-quality stereo sound with low CPU utilization and great wave-table music that is ideal for home, business, and Internet applications.

2 Channel

The aim Audio SC8000 is a high-end stereo sound card uses high quality components and precision layout. Let your desktop PC to deliver unparalleled audio quality for music playback.Built-in 120dB SNR DAC and powerful headphone OP amps

7.1 Channel

SC808 ( 7.1 PCI-e HD Audio Card)
The SC808 is a high-end stereo sound card base on CMEDIA’s latest native PCI-e technology audio DSP CM8888 for 24-bit/192KHz audio processing.

SC807 ( 7.1 PCI-e HD Audio Card)
SC807, a low profile PCI-e sound card with 7.1 channel output, uses Cmedia latest audio DSP CM8828. Each channel delivers 24-bit/192kHz and with the 105dB SNR audio performance.

SC8768 (Hi-Live 8 Professional )
With support for up to 8 discreet audio channels and dual S/PDIF connectors, a new class of sound system has come into being that will turn your computer into a professional 3D sound studio for games, DVD and music.

5.1 Channel

SC3000L(Hi-Live Theater )
The word “expensive” should walk out your dictionary, because SC3000 Live Theater 5.1 provides users 5.1 channels bundled with software absolutely cost-effective!!!

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